Tecnomine S.a.s. is a controlled demolition company based in Piacenza operating since 1974 in the field of explosive materials. Our business core is represented by demolition of buildings or other structures with explosives (e.g. bridges, towers), situated or not in the city.

We also provide a professional and high quality service about the use of explosive, in the sector of blasting demolition. From 1988 we have also been managing a deposit in order to storage and sell a wide range of explosives (i.e. EPC Italia) for Liguria region and north west part of Italy. In case,we can sell some other specific materials as well, like expansive cement (i.e. Bristar).

As a consequence of the expansion of our business, we are the only explosive demolition company in Italy able to provide a full service, consisting in:

- processing of licenses about Public Security;

- supplying of explosive material;

- controlled blasting demolition by explosion.

Thanks to our expertise and backgrounds, we are recognized leader in Italy in the field of explosive demolition. As a matter of fact, some of the biggest actors playing in the Italian blasting demolition sector, collaborate with us.

Our thinking is that all accidents are preventable and environmental/structural damages are not an inevitable consequence of conducting our business. Our clients know it and they place their trust in us because we try to make every single detail perfect. Our priority is to perform with the highest standards of safety.

That is the way we work and we proudly say that in over 40 years of work we have NEVER USED our insurance coverage, and this is an extraordinary goal (See "Certificates").


Full member of ISEE