In this sector we demolished more than 100 structures. For example:

Overthrow of a piezometer (height 38 m) very close to some houses in Monticelli Pavese (PV).

Demolition of a concrete smokestack (height 80 m) from the height of 25 meters upwards in Castelmassa (RO).

Demolition of a smokestack, a tower and two buildings in the same area in Porto Torres (SS).

Demolition of a smokestack very close to the conveyor belt in Caravate (VA).

Demolition of a smokestack (height 100 m) inside an AGIP refinery in Ravenna.

Demolition of a smokestack very close to a silos and a building in Morano Po (AL).

Demolition of a tank near a residential building in Segrate (MI).

Demolition of a smokestack (height 80, weight more than 3000 tonne) in Narni (TR).



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