Demolition of the Vibo Valentia firefighters silos.

Demolition of a pillar of the overpass Melandro in S.Angelo le Fratte (PZ) from the height of 20 meters upwards.

Demolition of a Ø 28 & height 45 m cooling tower in Calusco d’Adda (BG).

Demolition of a silos in an industrial area in Treviglio (BG).

Demolition of 4 silos in a farm in Sarzana (SP).

Demolition of 6 pillar of the pipeline “SNAM” in Piazzola del Brenta (PD).

Demolition of a silos of the “Italiana Coke” in Porto Marghera (VE).

Demolition of 65 m “Prilling” tower in Cairo M.te (SV) and of the “Topping” tower in Muggia (TS).

Demolition of the building “Consorzio Agrario” near Modena railway station (height 37 m, weight of every silos 5000 tonn) in several steps.

Demolition of a metallic silos (high 50 m) very close to another silos and to the railway in Villadossola (VB).


"TWIN TOWERS" - STEZZANO (BG): demolition of the "twin towers" of an ex furniture factory in Stezzano (BG). For the first time in Italy a structure was demolished only with detonation cord.


Demolition of the silos and the tower "Ponte" ex pasta factory in Perugia (high 55 m, weight 11.000 tonne). The distance between this structure and the houses was only 15 meters.



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