ENEL ex thermal power plant – Port of Palermo: demolition of the thermal power plant, the basaments of turbines and 3 chimneys. The plant, with his 150.000 cubic meters, was the biggest demolition of the 20th century in Italy (for details, see the magazine article n° 10/1987 “Quarry and Construction”).

Industrial building “Molino Assisi” – Civitavecchia: controlled implosion of an industrial building (height 30m, lenght 77m) in the city center of Civitavecchia. For the first time in Italy the demolition was carried out only with Nonel (for details, see the magazine article n° 4/1996 “Quarry and Construction”).

Ex Tannery “Bocciardo” – Genova: demolition of a big structure (110.000 cubic meters) in the city center of Genova, very close to a school (only 12 meters). For details, see the magazine article n° 10-11/1998 “Costruzioni Due”.

“Punta Perotti” – Bari: the most spectacular demolition ever performed in Italy: there were more than 240 journalists from all over the world with TV live recording. This was a particular structure, an architectural monstruosity that ruined the surrounding environment. For technical reasons, the demolition was carried out in three different steps, for a total of 200.000 cubic meters.


Building in Felina– Castelnovo ne Monti (RE): after a lot of years of abandonment, this big structure was demolished with also a live media event presented by a famous italian show man, Fabrizio Roversi.


Ex Hotel - SAN GIULIANO MILANESE (MI): demolition of a very big hotel with about 1000 explosive charges and istantaneous fuse (100 gr/m) situated in San Giuliano Milanese (Mi). There was an extremely rigid central body: the project entailed the separation of the central body in 3 different sectors, each of which had an autonomous direction of collapse.


Building “PADIGLIONE 20” – EXHIBITION OF MILAN: this building, with his 230.000 cubic meters in an area of 10.000 square meters, is the biggest demolition ever made in Italy with explosive.


Building in Porto Empedocle (AG): a building of 30.000 cubic meters was demolished without any damage to some structures to be preserved in the same area.


BUILDINGS "ALER" - PIEVE EMANUELE (MI): thanks to an agreement between Lombardy, Aler of Milan and the local government (and with the support of “Infrastrutture Lombarde spa”), in 2011 the works for the redevelopment of the area “via delle Rose” began. Between 2011 and 2012 Tecnomine sas demolished four buildings in that area.



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