Controlled demolition of a concrete quay (10.000 cubic meters) in the port of Genova very close to another quay.

Dredging of the little tourist port of “Porto Cervo” (Sardegna).

Demolition of a concrete dump diver, near the ferry docking quay in Villa San Giovanni (ME).

Underwater demolition of a concrete dump diver (400 cubic meters) near the Genova marine station in order to allow the arrival, during the 2001 “G8” global meeting, of the bigger cruise liner in the world.

Underwater demolition of slags (9000 cubic meters) in Genova.

Underwater demolition of concrete blocks (5000 cubic meters) inside the port of Genova.

Demoltion of a breakwater wall (6000 cubic meters) in the port of Varazze (SV).

Dredging inside the Genova port: with the collaboration of the dutch company “Boskalis”, the dredging of an area in the port of Genova was carried out. Over 4 months, with the presence of Tecnomine’s staff on the platforms every week 24 hrs/day, 40.000 cubic meters of rock were removed with explosive (explosives charge of Ø 90 mm).



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