Creation and first use in Italy of a new type of explosive (shock-wave refraction tape) in order to break the beams supporting the metal tank roofs in the IP refinery in La Spezia.

Demolition of 12 metal struts (height between 45 and 65 m) with plastic explosive in Suvereto (LI).

Demolition of metal towers (height 160 m) in a military zone in Roma.

Demolition of ENEL’s tower very close to river PO in Cremona and in Montemezzo (CO).

Demolition of an iron gasometer (height 66 m, Ø 35 m, 50.000 cubic meters) in Cornigliano (GE): there was the first time in Italy that an iron structure like that was demolished.


Demolition of an iron tower in a swollen river (“Ticino”) with the use of a helicopter.

Knockdown of a 165 m high CV24 torch inside the former Vinyls factory in Porto Marghera (VE). The demolition took place with the use of specially explosive, made to produce abroad and imported after the Ministerial approval.


Knockdown of a 100 m high meteorological tower inside the thermal power plant in Fiume Santo (SS).



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